Our story

Our story

Our mission: to protect and manage content on your social media spaces

From moderation of the first forums in 2002 to current days management of some of the largest brands’ social media pages, we understand the importance of the quality and safety of your content.

2002: Creation of NETINO

Founded in 2002 by Jean-Marc Royer, #Netino was primarily a company specialized in technical implementation of dialogue spaces on websites. Later on, Netino developed a specialization in content moderation to face the growing need for establishing secure online exchanges. Our tool Moderatus, was developed to allow first level filtering and prioritization to facilitate the #Moderation of millions of content.

2016: Acquisition by Webhelp

The #Webhelp group announces the signing of an agreement for Netino’s acquisition. Netino’s activities will be merged with those of Webhelp Digital and Marketing services, the group’s operational agency.

2017: Facebook Marketing Partners

Our Moderatus tool receives the “Facebook Marketing Partners” label from Facebook.

2018: the first online hate index

Prime Minister Edouard Philippe presented a preventative plan spanning from 2018 to 2020 to fight against racism and antisemitism. The Internet is considered a top priority. To feed the debate, Netino by Webhelp has established the first online hate index. This analysis is composed of more than 10,000 randomly selected comments (before moderation) on more than 20 of Facebook’s major media pages.

Our 5 values



At Netino by Webhelp, every employee, from the customer advisor to the president, without hierarchical distinction, is recognized for the work accomplished and the objectives achieved.
Each person's contribution is everyone's success!



We make every effort to create the most pleasant working environment possible and are vigilant in establishing ourselves as an exemplary partner to our customers. We wish to be for them what we are looking for in them: a collaboration based on respect, transparency and trust.
Respect for our employees and our customers is our credo!



Webhelp is above all a human adventure where each employee puts the success of the company before his or her personal interests. The teams have no other objective than the satisfaction of the work accomplished: each day is a small battle, but in the end, united we are proud of our long-term victories.



Webhelp has extraordinary resources, but the most valuable of all is its word. For us, commitment means keeping our promises, both to the group's employees and to our customers.
Without this principle, Webhelp would not be the player recognized for its expertise and the key strategic partner it is today.


#Wow Effect

We are always looking for ways to satisfy, surprise and surpass ourselves for the people we work with. Our partners know that Webhelp will never let up in its efforts to reach new goals and move in the right direction.
It is precisely in this spirit that our employees are constantly seeking to generate that famous "Wow" effect.

The human above all !