Drivy and the importance of an efficient KYC process

With 50,000 vehicles for rent and a presence in 6 European countries, Drivy has rapidly established itself since its creation in 2010 as the European leader in car sharing.

Since 2015, Drivy has been moving towards car-sharing, thanks in particular to the implementation of its "Drivy Open" system, which allows a vehicle to be unlocked remotely. At the end of April 2019, Drivy announced its merger with the American company Getaround.

Drivy: What are the issues?

After 8 years of existence, Drivy has considerably rethought its model to broaden its audience. The application is designed to meet customers' needs for medium and short distance rentals: 200 to 400 km, and for very short distances: half a day and 50 to 100 km.
Since Drivy does not by definition own the vehicles in its fleet, the rental platform has the advantage of being able to grow it without massive investments. Its objective is to add 65% more vehicles to its fleet in the Paris region over the next five years (10k vs. 6k today, including 1k in Drivy Open).

Netino by Webhelp: Which device?

Netino by Webhelp supports Drivy in the human processing of documents for rental vehicles, such as those not supported by automatic KYC systems (e.g. foreign driver's licenses, etc.).

Customized solutions

Creation of a 100% made-to-measure reactive device that best meets Drivy's needs, while taking their constraints into account.

A tried and tested but not yet proven device

Netino by Webhelp set up a reinforced team for 2 months ½ to handle double the volumes during the summer.
The expert team was refocused in 2018 on the most sensitive or complex subjects. This new system has enabled a better distribution of resources and therefore an improvement in the quality of service felt by the end user.

Supporting growth

Supporting Drivy's growth by managing new types of vehicles as they arise (suspicions of fraud, validation of photos of new vehicles, etc.).
Results: volume of items processed each week multiplied by 40 over the last 24 months + 15% decrease in DMT on activity.


What can we learn from the partnership between Drivy and Netino by Webhelp?

The platform's changing model and target market and the need to move forward quickly in the face of competition

Very high ambitions for growth in the number of users and value generated

Inflexible legal and/or insurance constraints that require in-depth onboarding of new users.

The main solutions implemented by Netino by Webhelp to meet these characteristics are :

Adaptation of resources up or down to the client's operational reality.

Win-win proposals to continuously improve the performance delivered to Drivy.

Productivity gains thanks to the specialization of agents dedicated to the project