An historic brand

For more than 50 years, Nutella has won the hearts of French people and consumers all over the world thanks to its emblematic spread, invented in 1964 in Italy by the Ferrero Group (turnover of nearly 10 billion euros), of which two million units are produced every day.

Nutella's challenges

We have been working for the Nutella brand since the launch of the Nutella France Facebook page.

Fast and appropriate response

As Nutella is a brand with a strong presence in Europe and in France, it is regularly solicited on its social media, especially on Facebook. As the questions often mention the brand or customer service, it was important for Nutella to provide a quick and appropriate response to Internet users.


On the Nutella Facebook page, the volume is very fluctuating every month. It was therefore very difficult for the internal teams to know exactly how many people were dispatched to handle all the requests. One of Nutella's challenges was to achieve flexibility in message processing.


Our answer

Moderatus, our tool dedicated to moderation

We process the bulk of the messages published on Nutella's pages from our proprietary Moderatus tool, thanks to a dedicated and reinforced team of moderators: two moderators during the day, and a shared team at night, to guarantee proper message processing and a calibrated response to customers who need it.

Fast and meticulous message processing

The fast and meticulous processing of messages allows Nutella's teams to be more serene. The brand can now ensure a complete presence on its networks, and demonstrate the importance it places on the regular requests of its many customers.

"Following the high volume of requests from Internet users on our various social media, we needed to be able to efficiently and meticulously manage the interventions of Internet users on our pages in order to preserve our image. Netino by Webhelp was able to help us in the processing of messages to give each of our clients an adapted response and to maintain neutral spaces of exchange."

Maxime Rolland Digital & Contents Manager. Ferrero