Freelances solutions

Freelances solutions

Our free’talents community at the heart of your Social Customer Experience

Need the rare pearl or a complete team?

We find them

In France or abroad and according to your needs, thanks to our expertise in recruitment and our network of digital experts, we quickly source profiles with expertise or passion for your business sector.

We train them on your issues

We ensure the quality of the profile through qualification interviews before presenting the profile(s) selected for your need and training it for the mission (after your validation).

We accompany them 24/7

Our team of dedicated account managers guarantees the successful completion of the service and accompanies you in the evolution of your needs.

Good for your company , good for your customers , good for our planet.



Services offer

Productivity optimization and resource flexibility
Loyalty of competent & experienced people
Superior resilience & service continuity



Customer experience

Happier Freelancers = Happier Customers
Agility in the face of rapid fluctuations in demand
Fostering digital adoption



Social responsibility

Better balance between professional & personal life
Maintenance in the living place in developing countries
Jobs for Untapped Talent Pools

100% of digital jobs delivered by our free'talents

All the digital professions:

We have the experienced talents in your sector of activity, adapted to your corporate culture and selected for their know-how and expertise to meet your needs.


1 week, 1 month, 1 year... the choice is yours!


In Europe, Asia, America, Oceania... we cover the world for you...


At your place or at their place... we adapt to your processes.

Customized solutions according to your needs

Your needs

  • Support in benchmarking and tool selection
  • Strategic recommendation within the framework of crisis monitoring
  • Influencer Mapping
  • Audit of corporate communication trends
  • Community Animation
  • Data Hybridization Workshop
  • Performance analysis of Social Media Owned campaigns
  • Define a global social media strategy

Our services

  • Creation of a customized system with expert resources to meet your needs.
  • Launching of the project in telework or in control room
  • Daily progress monitoring and continuous improvement
  • Creation of a Production & Steering Committee
  • Creation of Data and Social Room
  • Provision of a talent or creation of a digital team

Talent engaged in all sectors

Amélie - Community Manager

Amélie - Community Manager

  • FMCG
  • Web Editor
  • Measuring the performance of social networks
Margaux - Social Media Strategy

Margaux - Social Media Strategy

  • Luxury
  • Brand Content
  • Specialized in Lifestyle
Laetitia  - Social Media Manager

Laetitia - Social Media Manager

  • HealthCare
  • Content creation
  • Media coverage management
Clémence - Social Media Manager

Clémence - Social Media Manager

  • FMCG
  • Audit of digital communication
Andrea - Social Media Manager

Andrea - Social Media Manager

  • Mobility
  • Social Listening
  • Creation of editorial line
Maria - Social Media Research

Maria - Social Media Research

  • SFI
  • Implementation of monitoring projects
  • Social Listening/Image Study

And many more among our community of 800+ free'talents

Spontaneous application

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