Social listening & alerting

Social listening & alerting

Social Listening & alerting, your third ear!

Our Social Analysts team help you find your way through thousands of tweets and comments about your brand.

Brands must include their community


Ubiquity of
the social media

3.5 billion

users of social networks around the world


at risk


of companies that have suffered a reputation crisis consider that social networks have made the crisis more difficult to manage


Listening for


feel that social networks have facilitated the re-evaluation process

Come to the right conclusions from your Social Media DATA!

We help you collect verbatims (Social Media, opinions…), analyse them and identify actionable insights for your brand.

Data qualification

Noise deleting generated by requests
Assignment of a manual tonality
Tagging from mentions or influencers


Personalised alert in case of sensible content
Crisis prevention on social media

Turnkey report

Delivery of quantitative and qualitative reporting
Client voice, market audits, and competitive benchmarking

Influencer identification

Customized identification of influencers
Enrichment of your list of influencers


Set-up support for the delivery of the report

  • Tool Set-up

    We can help you select your social listening tool for the creation of your requests to be sure to start off on the right foot.

  • Data qualification

    One mention out of three is automatically assigned to the wrong feeling. Through sampling we can assure that your data is not biased.

  • Report delivery

    Our analysts take care of aggregating all data to see more clearly and give you actual insights. From data to Action!

We work with the major players of Social Listening

A confirmed team of analysts

Our team of analysts is experienced in qualifying clients’ verbatims to provide you data reports, both quantitative and qualitative, in order to better grasp what is being said on the web.

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