Netino in Geneva at the 2013 eCom Conference

The eCom conference in Geneva took place on 30 April. It was a day that brought together the main e-commerce players from across Switzerland: suppliers, clients, e-commerce and online client relationship solution providers.


We learnt a lot about this beautiful country. Far from being yet another European country, Switzerland constitutes a market which is more unusual than it would first appear. And this characteristic was greatly illustrated around the table discussions and conferences throughout the event. The specifics of the Swiss-German market is a good example. During the round table discussions for romands e-commerce trophies, speakers indicated that not only products sold on this market are specific, promotion of those products also needs to comply different rules. To sum-up, we could say that Switzerland is one country made of several markets.

E-commerce trophies ceremony, the whole day of conference and unformal speaking with visitors made this a great event!

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"Netino in Geneva at the 2013 eCom Conference"