3 resolutions to adopt for your e-reputation 

Goodbye 2021, hello 2022! Starting a new year is always the best time to take stock, set goals, and improve or launch projects. Approach your e-reputation as a whole, starting from your target audience, through community management, to long-term strategy planning. That’s why at Netino by Webhelp, we’re ready to support you and advise you to adopt these 3 resolutions for your business. 

• Resolution #1: Understand your e-reputation and listen to your customers

Whether you’re a new business launching online or have been present for a while, social listening is a pillar that you must constantly pay attention to. Your e-reputation or brand image on the web influences 86% of French people who now search for information on the internet before making contact or a purchase. 

Listen to what your customers, target consumers, and competitors are saying about you and make it a strength to adapt your communication strategy. Take advantage of the internet and social networks to anticipate trends and effectively respond to your customers’ expectations. Social listening is an opportunity to observe the market live, every day, without relying on a panel of people who objectively answer questions at a given time to help you develop your next project. 

• Resolution #2: Find a common thread for your brand image

With every post on your social media or every launch of a new project, it should be possible to say, “Ah, that’s definitely them.” Your brand image doesn’t rely solely on your logo or your ambassadors. The representation of your company reflects the objectives and values that you support. Think about your target audience and their perception of what you publicly share. 

Define your next topic, collect data related to it, create the publishing support, and think about the harmonization of the rendering. Simple steps, but they must be thought out. Don’t hesitate to base yourself on your graphic charter, a mood board, or an online guideline. 

• Resolution #3: Create a real connection with your community

Now that you’ve paid attention to what your community is saying and shared content that responds to their demands, it’s time to maintain their engagement. 

How? In addition to becoming identifiable through the previous resolution, share exclusive, catchy, and current content! Involve your community regularly by conducting surveys and asking them questions. Give your visibility a boost by collaborating with influencers or implementing a strategy of sponsored posts/social ads. 

Why? Well, to strengthen your notoriety and credibility. Your community’s engagement on the web directly impacts your business. Being responsive and inclusive will allow you to expand your visibility and develop new leads. 

Are you ready to take on and keep these 3 resolutions throughout this new year? We will always be here to help you by publishing news and advice here and on our networks. In addition to our online publications, get help from one of our experts to be strategically accompanied according to your needs. Our talents will help you in Social Listening, Marketing Support, or Engagement. Our Consulting Lab is at your disposal to successfully carry out your 2023 projects! Lets meet.

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"3 resolutions to adopt for your e-reputation "