Twitter 2023: New Features for a New Experience

As a user or social media expert, it is essential to stay updated on the latest trends and new features emerging on different platforms. Today, we’re sharing a recap of the latest Twitter innovations. Since the beginning of 2023, the platform has continued to evolve and make improvements to offer an increasingly rich and dynamic…

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How to effectively manage your company’s online reputation?

Online reputation has become a key element in the communication strategy of companies. Customers search for information about your company before making a decision, so it is essential that you effectively manage your e-reputation. Follow these steps to effectively manage your brand image. | Monitor your online reputation The first step to effectively managing your…

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Can education, prevention, and moderation go hand in hand?

Modération de contenus

Netino by Webhelp is recognized for its expertise in content moderation, but we want to go further! Moderation has become necessary to protect every internet user. But why are we in danger from other users’ content? Can we prevent rather than cure? This week we asked Cédric, our Head of Content Management & Moderation, a…

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Outsource your social media management

Social networks have become essential platforms for companies looking to develop their online presence. However, social media management can be a time-consuming and complex task, requiring specialized expertise to maximize impact and effectiveness. That’s why many companies choose to outsource their social media presence to external providers. What are the advantages and disadvantages? Let’s get…

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Instagram: Why your brand absolutely needs to be there

Instagram has become one of the most popular social media platforms in the world. With over 1 billion active users each month, it has become an essential communication channel for businesses wanting to connect with their target audience. If your business is not yet present on Instagram, it’s time to reconsider your marketing strategy. |…

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Kick: Real competitor or just a Twitch copy?

Kick is a new streaming platform that hopes to compete with Twitch. What can we expect from it? Is it worth abandoning the purple logo for Kick? Will our favorite streamers make the switch? | Kick vs Twitch: No difference? You may have heard about it if you’re a regular, Twitch has decided to ban…

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Metaverse, Top or Flop?  

Metaverse has been the buzzword lately, but we don’t feel concerned, don’t really know what it means, or how to get involved. With constant exposure to euphoric theories, what is the current situation? Are internet users navigating the metaverse? Are brands investing in it? Let’s take stock of these virtual worlds. | A brief overview…

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Engagement Rate: Best Practices to Beat Records

Engaging your community on social media is an excellent way to improve your visibility and build relationships with your customers. It is important to know how to effectively engage your community to achieve the best results. Ready to explode your engagement rate? | Define a communication strategy A communication strategy is a plan that outlines…

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Micro and macro influencers: who to choose to boost your brand on social media?

Influencers on social media have become an increasingly popular tool for companies looking to promote their products or services. There are several types of influencers, including micro-influencers and macro-influencers. Each has its advantages and disadvantages, and it is important to understand the differences between them to choose the one that best suits your marketing strategy.…

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5 KPIs to monitor to analyze your community

Social networks like Instagram and LinkedIn have become essential tools for companies looking to develop their online presence and communicate with their community. To effectively manage a community on social networks, it is important to monitor and analyze different key performance indicators (KPIs). Here are five important KPIs to monitor to manage a community on…

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3 resolutions to adopt for your e-reputation 

Bonne année 2022

Goodbye 2021, hello 2022! Starting a new year is always the best time to take stock, set goals, and improve or launch projects. Approach your e-reputation as a whole, starting from your target audience, through community management, to long-term strategy planning. That’s why at Netino by Webhelp, we’re ready to support you and advise you…

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Resolutions 2023 to succeed with digital marketing

Adopting new resolutions can be an excellent way to start the year by setting goals and planning their achievements. At Netino by Webhelp, we are ready to advise and support you on all your social media goals, but we also give you the keys to managing your social networks well. Ready for 2023? | Start…

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Instagram, a mixed 2022 review 

Instagram has made headlines this year, but maybe not always for the better. Is its strategy working? Who is this network for today? What new features were introduced in 2022? Netino by Webhelp has prepared the Instagram 2022 review for you.  | Jealousy that drives growth  No one will argue, except perhaps Meta, but Instagram…

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Twitch, a great year in 2022

Twitch 2022

It’s impossible that you haven’t heard of Twitch, especially after the year that just passed. Events, French records, a new management portal for content creators. Netino by Webhelp summarizes for you the things to remember for Twitch in 2022. | Events, again and again It seems like everything happened on Twitch this year! Streamers have…

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Data Annotation, some explanations

Data annotation

You may have heard of data annotation, but do you know what it is? Netino by Webhelp is here to explain it to you! | AI and Data Annotation Data annotation is the process of labeling available data in various formats such as text, video, or images. Labeling refers to classifying, categorizing, organizing, and ordering…

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Influencers and content creators: a real difference?

influenceurs et créateurs de contenu

A content creator influences and an influencer creates content. But then, why do some insist on differentiating them? Ethics, clichés, preferred social network, relationship with their community. Is there really a difference between influencers and being a content creator? | It’s the intention that counts One of the main differences between influencers and content creators…

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Influencers: the Impact of Every Word

Impact des influenceurs

Whether we like it or not, influencers are part of our daily lives. We find them on any social network: Instagram, Tiktok, Youtube, Twitch, etc. With such an online presence and engaged communities who hang on their every word, each of them is important. Influencers’ actions and words have a direct impact on their audience…

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Influence Marketing: The Lever Not to Ignore

Mix d’influenceurs

Undeniably, influence marketing has become a must-have when it comes to communication strategy. But beyond product placements, what do you know? | Why Invest in Influence Marketing? You have plenty of options to showcase your company/brand through “traditional” advertising, so why bother with a new lever? Simply because the more human you integrate, the better…

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Hybrid moderation or 100% artificial intelligence?

If you are looking for a moderation solution to protect your communication and exchange spaces, you have probably come across proposals for 100% artificial intelligence moderation or hybrid moderation. Let’s quickly look at the advantages of each method! | Automatic moderation We are hearing more and more about artificial intelligence and its usefulness in many…

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Moderation, a key factor for a good customer experience

Moderation, censorship or a necessity for the digital customer experience? In a world where the number of social conversations around brands is increasing, it is difficult to have an eye everywhere, all the time, and to be reactive when it comes to controlling hundreds or even thousands of content pieces. Facing fake news, false reviews,…

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Moderators, also known as “web cleaners”

Modérateurs Eboueurs du web

The development of the web and the increasing number of internet users has inevitably led to the publication of billions of contents such as reviews, comments, photos, and videos. Among them: fake news, trolls, sexual assaults, insults, threats, physical violence… So many contents that moderators analyze and remove every day, for our own good. But…

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Tiktok for your business? Yes, please!

Tiktok c'est oui - NbW

Yes, yet another article about Tiktok… But how can we not talk about it? Whether you want to ride the trends, adapt to a new audience, or refresh a brand image, it’s THE social network where everyone still has a chance. We all know that standing out on the internet is becoming increasingly difficult: thank…

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Social Media Manager or Community Manager?

Social Media Manager ou Community Manager - Netino by Webhelp

Among all the new professions that the web has helped create, I have chosen to talk to you about the difference between a Community Manager and a Social Media Manager. Why? Whether you are looking for the right person to manage your company’s image on the web or you are a marketing enthusiast looking for…

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TikTok: An Eldorado for influencers but not only…

Tiktok eldorado des influenceurs

TikTok is a short-form music video-sharing app. Launched in September 2016 in China by ByteDance, the company acquired (a competing platform) for nearly a billion dollars in 2017 and thus gained all of its members. It is the social network that has seen the strongest growth, in all countries combined. At the beginning of…

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The guide to succeed in B2C on Twitter

Percer sur Twitter

If you have a B2C activity, you need to activate your network to make your service or product known and succeed in having the right person see your offer at the right place and time. Twitter, although less popular than Facebook and less trendy than Instagram, is a key social platform for brands looking to…

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REDDIT, the network of engagement!


It is quite difficult to introduce Reddit to those who are still unfamiliar with it because before being a social network where entertainment, debate, mutual aid, and news coexist, it is a community! The 16th most visited site in the world with one and a half billion monthly visitors has developed some codes that are…

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Weibo, the game changer of influence

Logo de weibo

In 2020, the Chinese social network Weibo surpassed Twitter, reaching 516 million users. Today with 550 million users, which is 230 million more than its American equivalent, the network ranks 12th in the world’s most used social networks. At its launch in 2009, posts were limited to 140 characters and did not include any images…

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Influence Marketing for B2B or B2C?

With the development of social networks, the growth of influencers has given rise to influence marketing. In this article, we will discuss this strategy from the perspective of B2B (business-to-business) and B2C (business-to-consumer) activities. • Influence marketing, is it “stonks”? First of all, it should be known that influence marketing is now used by 93%…

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They are anonymous and influencers: who are Vtubers?

The world of influence on the Internet is a constantly evolving field that continues to innovate. For several years now, a phenomenon has emerged and is gaining more and more space on YouTube and Twitch, among others: Vtubers. • What are Vtubers? First, it is important to know that AI fans are not a new…

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Back to the Future for Twitch

👉 The future of Twitch is uncertain. However, it is possible to make assumptions about its future by observing trends and following the latest advances that have been implemented on the site in recent years. • An increasingly diverse audience and content creators “This is not a niche for video game players, but several uses…

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