Content Moderation

In a connected world where reputations can be undone with a single click, we are the guardians of your social media

We help build trust and engagement with your community within your owned channels, in a global environment



Protect your brand and your community

The quality and compliance of your user-generated content are essential to the growth of your digital platforms. With our proven processes and internal technologies, our moderation capabilities adapt to the evolution of your volumes

With our "Think human" approach, we also protect the mental health of our moderators. Create trust and provide a more human customer experience on your digital platforms with our moderation solutions

+3 000




+1 billion

treated UGC


Net Promotor Score


Remove off-chart content on your spaces

  • Omnichannel moderation

    We can be present on all of your owned brand pages and on all types of content (text / images / video ...)

  • Trust & Safety

    We aim to offer a safe and positive online user experience for everyone, on all platforms

  • Moderatus

    Our proprietary moderation technology allows for a connection to your social media management tools

  • Crisis management

    We monitor and analyze weak signals and monitor the potential spread of a crisis in real-time across various social media


Our content moderation support

Our solution: initial automatic moderation and prioritization of your content using our proprietary Moderatus tool, followed by human verification 24/7.

We offer a customized moderation solution that combines human moderation and artificial intelligence to provide the best user experience for your customers without compromise

  • Project framework

    Ensuring you receive high-quality service

  • ContentUs.AI

    Our proprietary tool to manage all of your content

  • VideoatUs

    Our proprietary tool dedicated to video content

  • Reporting

    Analysis and monitoring of SLAs

Work Anywhere, Achieve Everywhere

  • Having the best profile

    Inherently inclusive from sourcing to development, we find the right people on every continent

  • Encouraging engagement

    We ensure that each of our talents is properly sypported for their development

  • 360 technology

    A hybrid insfrastucture combined with innovation that counts in minutes, not months

  • Performance facilitator

    A homogeneous operating model and a single operational view mean assured quality

Homme Social Listening

Our other services for your Social Media challenges

Content Management

We support you with the collection, management, and publication of content with our team of 24/7 experts

Social Listening & Advisory

We collect and analyze what is being said about your brand online to help you understand your customers

Community Engagement

Get support from expert community managers in your sector to manage and engage with your communities 24/7

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