Social Listening

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Protect your brand and prevent crises by using Social Listening to listen to your communities

Adapt your campaigns and respond to your customers' needs, identified by our experts

Tailor your ambassador program to your community to improve your social selling


Listen to engage better

Social media is a vital tool for managing and controlling the reputation of a brand or company because it allows brands to speak directly to their audience. Additionally, it is through these platforms that your customers, prospects, and competitors will express their thoughts and opinions about your brand, products, or services

Social listening, which can be defined as an active listening activity, will enable you to collect and analyze all interactions related to your brand in order to extract relevant insights that will inform you about your image, reputation, and sensitive topics related to your brand that you may be unaware of






crises averted

+1 million

 analyzed contents


A major asset for your brand image

  • Market insights & study

    We identify the points and strengths appreciated by customers and prospects of your brand to help you adapt your strategy

  • Competitive intelligence

    We provide strategic insights for your brand's digital communication in relation to your competitors

  • Online reputation

    Gain a comprehensive view if your brand's online reputation, services and products on social media

  • Crisis management

    We track and analyze weak signals and monitor the potential spread of a crisis in real-time on various social media platforms


Our Social Listening support

Our solution involves human data processing from verbatim collection toos (social media, reviews, etc) to identify actionable insights for your brand


Each member of our expert community is selected for their expertise, so that Netino by Webhelp can deliver services that finally meet your Social Listening objectives

  • Project framework

    Ensuring quality service delivery

  • Data quality

    Ensuring a consistent user experience

  • Alerting

    Anticipating crises

  • Reporting

    Tracking the evolution of topics of interest

  • Technology

    Mastery of the ecosystem of tools

  • 24/7 Monitoring

    Ensuring your online reputation is continuously protected

Work Anywhere, Achieve Everywhere

  • Having the best profile

    Inherently inclusive from sourcing to development, we find the right people on every continent

  • Encouraging engagement

    We ensure that each of our talents is properly sypported for their development

  • 360 technology

    A hybrid insfrastucture combined with innovation that counts in minutes, not months

  • Performance facilitator

    A homogeneous operating model and a single operational view mean assured quality

Homme Social Listening

Our other services for your Social Media challenges

Content Management

We support you with the collection, management, and publication of content with our team of 24/7 experts

Content Moderation

We ensure the security of your communication spaces to protect your community and your brand

Community Engagement

Get support from expert community managers in your sector to manage and engage with your communities 24/7

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