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We provide our clients with fully scalable data entry, processing, and enrichment services with engaging content for their users/customers

Technology-driven, curious, and agile, we accompany your teams towards a new digital era



Market your brand image through your graphic charter

Content management is a service that is often unknown to the general public and businesses, yet it concerns us all on a daily basis! It is defined as the process of collecting and transcribing information in all formats, whether it be audio, video, or written

This involves inspiring text writing for product presentations, as well as videos or photos. However, this definition may still be a bit vague, but an example can clarify it !

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Organize and standardize your digital content

  • Editing

    Data entry, varification and publication of your multi-source data to market your brand image while respecting your charter

  • Data Annotation

    Development of a turnkey artificial intelligence solution or to enrich your database

  • Technology

    Mastery of various back-office solutions, desktop publishing tools, and ticketing tools to optimize processing

  • Harmonisation

    Cutting, assembling and editing your audio & video content to format your visual content while respecting your graphic charter


Our content management support

Our solution: setting up processes and a team tailored to your needs for rigorous and personalized service based on your constraints

We provide a team of content creators, copywriters, and video specialists to meet the daily challenge of animating social networks

  • Project framing

    Ensuring you receive high-quality service

  • ContentUs.AI

    Our proprietary tool to manage all of your content

  • VideoatUs

    Our proprietary tool dedicated to video content

  • Reporting

    Analysis and monitoring of SLAs

Work Anywhere, Achieve Everywhere

  • Having the best profile

    Inherently inclusive from sourcing to development, we find the right people on every continent

  • Encouraging engagement

    We ensure that each of our talents is properly sypported for their development

  • 360 technology

    A hybrid insfrastucture combined with innovation that counts in minutes, not months

  • Performance facilitator

    A homogeneous operating model and a single operational view mean assured quality

Homme Social Listening

Our other services for your Social Media challenges

Content Moderation

We ensure the security of your communication spaces to protect your community and your brand

Social Listening & Advisory

We collect and analyze what is being said about your brand online to help you understand your customers

Community Engagement

Get support from expert community managers in your sector to manage and engage with your communities 24/7

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