Social Listening, how to understand your customers? 

Social listening is generally defined as a listening activity. Too often, it is summed up in the following sentence: knowing what is being said about you on the internet. In reality, this field is much broader. Social listening is about listening, analyzing, understanding, and interacting. Why is it necessary for a brand to implement a social listening activity? What social listening service(s) do you need? 

To better understand the challenges faced by these companies, we spoke with Nicolas Sudarskis, Account Manager at Netino By Webhelp to better understand the different aspects of social listening. 

| The Four Levels of Social Listening 

In our previous article (Social Listening, the Asset for Your Brand Image | Netino by Webhelp), we discussed the importance of preparing your project before deploying it. Social listening allows you to respond to multiple use cases, and it is easy to get lost in large data flows. “Your company needs to know where it stands and which service it needs the most out of all the possibilities offered by social listening,” says Nicolas. 

At Netino by Webhelp, our social listening solution is divided into several levels. 

Level 1: Data quality 

“The first level will correspond to the contribution that Netino can have on the qualification of dashboards. It is a very manual task, which allows us to clean up the databases we have on our social listening tools, eliminate noise that could pollute the information. The idea is to accompany our clients in the cleaning of these dashboards so that they can access relevant information and insights by eliminating futile data,” explains Nicolas. 

To summarize, level 1 corresponds to the work of data qualification and the removal of noise and pollution. 

Level 2: Alerting & Risk Monitoring 

The second level will not only correspond to cleaning up dashboards but mainly to pushing and notifying the client through alerts when trend signals are identified. What justifies this second level is the need for in-depth knowledge of our client’s problems. We no longer intervene only on the cleaning part of the data and dashboards, but also become active on the identification and analysis of mentions, as well as sending real-time alerts. 

To summarize, level 2 complements level 1 with analyses of your mentions and topics, as well as alerting in case of detection of weak signals or spikes in your brand’s mention, for example. 

Level 3: E-reputation Reporting 

The third level corresponds to the delivery of monthly reports related to e-reputation (for example). After identifying and analyzing the most important topics, we produce deliverables to help our clients understand the impact of these phenomena on their brand image. We provide impact assessments, and our Data Analyst’s advice to help you better understand the consequences of these signals on your networks. “From the third level, we are really interpreting tags, mentions, and signals to deliver our best strategic recommendations to our clients,” says Nicolas. 

To summarize, level 3 complements levels 1 and 2 with monthly reporting composed by Consultants/Data Analysts experts on your sector and market to anticipate future actions to be taken. 

Level 4: Voice of Customer Research 

The fourth level corresponds to the most complete offer and has the greatest added value in terms of relevance of insights. “Here, the idea is to refine the research as much as possible to identify the sharpest insights, to be able to analyze a specific customer journey. This fourth level allows you to fully map the spectrum of your brand’s interactions on the web. This way, you will be able to do a complete and detailed analysis of your audience, but also to determine the potential profiles of influencers.” 

It is important to have asked the right questions to meet the objectives related to your brand’s online reputation. It is entirely possible that you may only need a solution that allows you to receive real-time alerts when a spike in activity is detected (level 2), but that you do not need help with qualifying your dashboards, for example. Our solution offer adapts to your needs in every way. We offer to outsource this activity with a turnkey solution, a powerful tool, and… 

If you are concerned about understanding which service you need to master your brand’s online reputation, Netino by Webhelp can provide you with the solution. For more information, click here. 

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