5 Tips for a great Back-to-School Social Media Season!

Ah, back-to-school season… It’s always difficult to say goodbye to the sound of the waves and endless naps to hop on the subway. September isn’t just about gray skies and feeling down; it’s also synonymous with getting back in action, and we all know that a successful return requires preparation! So, here are our five tips for a successful return to social media.

| Analyze the Results from the Previous Semester

First and foremost, pause and reflect. It would be a shame to rush back into the race too quickly! If you didn’t have time this summer, you still have a few days to review the previous semester: What worked well? What could have achieved better results? Analyze your web and social media statistics and the engagement generated by your various posts to adjust your strategy. It’s also the time to assess the evolution of your audience. What are the new trends in your industry?

Take a look at your competitors’ profiles, check out the latest articles from your favorite media, identify the platforms where you excel, and especially those where you are not yet present.

| Refresh Your Social Media Content

Of course, keep the formats and content that work, but like in school, back-to-school season is an opportunity to enhance your reputation. Boost your presence on social media by updating your content. New services, products, prices, or even a brand new visual identity – everything is good to refresh your image! But remember, once again, make your decisions after analyzing the results from the first semester.

While you’re at it, update your product listings and ensure your information is up to date. Back-to-school is also an ideal time to optimize your website and interfaces based on user feedback. Improve navigation, loading speed, and accessibility: a smooth user experience translates into a more engaged audience.

Don’t forget that Google’s algorithms (and their peers) tend to favor new content, so updating your site is a good way to appear among the top search results. If you encounter difficulties with your SEO, the Netino teams are here to help!

| Prepare Your Social Media Strategy

If the beaches were your summer playground, your social media networks are your conquest field for the back-to-school season. Prepare in advance a burst of impactful content: videos, reels, infographics, with one goal: stand out! Don’t forget, you’re not alone at the starting line for the back-to-school season…

A great way to achieve this could be employee advocacy: after all, who better than your employees to become ambassadors for your company and, in the process, reach a wider audience? Their testimonials create lasting connections and bestow an aura of authenticity upon your brand.

Encourage your employees to share your company’s values by implementing tools and resources to facilitate this process. It’s an opportunity to strengthen cohesion, employee engagement, and, above all, break away from a standardized institutional communication.

To avoid drowning in all these posts, management tools will be your best allies for scheduling and saving time.

| Stay Close to Your Customers

Yes, September is intense, but your customers deserve all your attention. Show them that you appreciate them by keeping them informed of your updates and offering them well-deserved discounts. Don’t underestimate contests, creative challenges, and other interactive initiatives, which are powerful assets for energizing your community. Create a buzz by involving your audience and transforming your followers into active participants. Remember that the more fun your audience has, the more likely they are to stay and share your content.

You can also involve them directly in the behind-the-scenes of your back-to-school preparations by sharing Instagram stories or live videos for more authenticity. A well-timed newsletter, back-to-school promotional offers, or a simple message will not be excessive to get closer to your most loyal supporters, especially during the time of year when consumption is at its peak.

| Step Out of Your Comfort Zone

At the risk of repeating ourselves, back-to-school is an opportunity to reinvent yourself. Your competitors will be on high alert, so differentiate yourself with your originality. In addition to revisiting your existing strategies, keep an eye on emerging trends in the digital communication field. Technologies evolve rapidly, so don’t hesitate to incorporate concrete examples of new features or rising platforms that could offer unprecedented opportunities for the back-to-school season.

And despite that, don’t forget the classics: think about, according to your business, influencer marketing, open house events, trade shows, or other events. If a successful digital back-to-school season is important, taking advantage of the last few sunny days to organize unforgettable physical events is a big plus.

You are now well-prepared to succeed on social media in September and shine in the digital arena. If you feel overwhelmed and need support or guidance, contact our teams to establish a strategy that suits you 100%!

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"5 Tips for a great Back-to-School Social Media Season!"