REDDIT, the network of engagement!

It is quite difficult to introduce Reddit to those who are still unfamiliar with it because before being a social network where entertainment, debate, mutual aid, and news coexist, it is a community! The 16th most visited site in the world with one and a half billion monthly visitors has developed some codes that are specific to it and that differentiate it from other platforms.

Reddit is characterized as the link between a traditional social network and a discussion forum. Each user can launch a “subreddit” on the topic of their choice and participate in those of others. The community is so extensive that no matter what your interests are, there are certainly several subcategories that already exist.

The majority of its users reside in the United States, where Reddit was even preferred to Facebook in 2018. It has few users overseas, but that does not prevent it from taking a very important place on the favorite social networks of the French.

• The Internet homepage

A recurring joke on the platform is “you’ll see this in three days on Facebook” attached to a publication. Very often the memes and other private jokes posted on Reddit are picked up by various networks, which has allowed the site to self-proclaim as the “homepage of the Internet,” and rightly so. Reddit is the master of online trends, and other social networks seem to be inspired by it with a few days of delay. It also extends its influence to many YouTubers like Squeezie who has made a series of videos inspired by subreddits.

These pages, all dedicated to a specific theme, are the very essence of the platform. They are created by a user and enriched by all others. Unlike other social networks, Reddit does not take into account shares or “likes” but is based on a voting system that makes every user a moderator.

An upward arrow allows you to move content up in the newsfeed “if you think it contributes to the conversation.” If not, it is then possible to “downvote” by clicking on a downward arrow.

This mechanism constantly displays the most relevant threads (discussions that bring together photos and videos). However, it has a negative effect called “The Downvote Predicament.” Each user having power over the promotion of content, preconceived ideas and different opinions tend to skew the impartiality of the system.

On Reddit, it sometimes seems that the entire network shares the same opinion. In reality, minority ideas that are systematically downvoted are difficult to find. Some users even create multiple accounts to vote en masse against certain posts they don’t like and hide them from view of everyone.

Such behavior harms the proper functioning of the platform by leading to self-censorship among those who fear seeing their own ideas lowered because they are dissident. The phenomenon is so common that many subreddits specify in their rules that the Downvote button is not meant to express disagreement

Despite its biases, Reddit remains a very interesting tool that places exchange and discussion at the heart of its functionalities. It is possible to share information or simply display one’s creativity. Learning is greatly facilitated by all the advice, tutorials, and sources that users share, and a strong link unites them behind common passions.

• A favorite place for brands?

One might think that with such a community and such a strong influence on the Internet, Reddit would be the social network par excellence for a marketing campaign. It is actually much more complicated, as Claire McDermott, co-founder of Mantis research, a research institute specializing in digital marketing, declares: “Reddit’s audience is massive, but it’s hard for brands to stand out.”

Indeed, Reddit should not be approached like Instagram or YouTube, for example. The community tends to reject sponsored content, and you won’t find influencers on this network. Advertising is a part of the site, and while it may be interesting to launch a campaign, much better uses can be made of it.

Indeed, Reddit should not be approached like Instagram or YouTube, for example. The community tends to reject sponsored content, and you won’t find influencers on this network. Advertising is a part of the site, and while it may be interesting to launch a campaign, much better uses can be made of it.

First of all, the network will allow you to better understand and understand your consumers. By subscribing to subreddits related to your activity, you can discover what is popular, offer solutions to the problems mentioned, and even diversify your activities.

Let’s say your company sells take-out coffees. By browsing pages related to this universe, you may discover topics around customers with strange behaviors or even funny stories told by bartenders. This subreddit has more than twenty thousand subscribers, so it is evident that the subject is of interest. This is your opportunity to develop an Instagram account that relates this kind of story, giving a voice to your employees!

While it is essential to avoid publishing overly direct advertising messages, it is important to communicate with your customers, such as Microsoft and its Xbox One subreddit, which allows for exchanging game or hardware advice. This means of communication strengthens the proximity between the company and consumers while highlighting your products.

It is also possible to measure yourself against other brands. The trend of some Samsung smartphones to catch fire obviously sparked a lot of reaction from internet users. Indeed, one of them complained of having been “completely ignored” by after-sales service even though they were supposed to replace his defective phone. The competing brand HTC seized the opportunity by offering one of its devices to the customer. Readers immediately sang the praises of the challenger, even going so far as to declare boycotting Samsung in favor of HTC.

The exchange with Reddit users can also go through Ask Me Anything (AMA). If your brand is already well known, there will be many questions, and you will have plenty to showcase your services. Placing some references to pop culture is a good way to better reach the community. If this is not yet the case or if you want to improve your image, it can also be done through a celebrity capable of representing your company, as Audi did.

The proper use of Reddit is essential for a brand looking to expand to the United States. If you are looking for advice, the site even informs you on how to conduct your campaigns. New codes are to be learned, and while it does not represent a link to your sales platforms, it is the place to find new customers while strengthening the bond with old ones.

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"REDDIT, the network of engagement!"