TikTok Business: Unmoderated Content

TikTok has become a giant among trendy digital platforms, making it the most popular social network today!

In 2020, the app has no less than 14.9 million active monthly users in France, and 1 billion worldwide. Available in 155 countries, TikTok has become the most downloaded app in the world.

With such a large and evolving audience, it was logical for businesses to invest in the platform. TikTok is the first destination for short-form mobile videos, and as this communication tool becomes increasingly popular, brands are joining the trend. In their interest, “TikTok for Business” was developed. This new version reserved for businesses allows them to connect with users through a new, more creative and natural model, directly on the TikTok platform to reach all users.

Like any user, the opening of TikTok gives each brand the opportunity to stand out and be noticed, if it opts for content creative enough to appeal to this community. Indeed, there is no preference and, through this new tool, TikTok seeks to highlight every company, regardless of its size, importance, products, and/or services.

The application aims to promote brands in their natural aspect, without artifice and in a humorous tone that appeals to internet users. It is a simple approach that differs from the “perfect” posts found on Instagram, LinkedIn, etc., and responds to the common need for authenticity. The proximity with users allows to feel the impact of a campaign launch by seeing their reactions. If they are inspired by this campaign, it is possible that they will reproduce it in their own way, and a trend can be launched, which will bring a real publicity boost to the company.

One of the brand’s slogans is very explicit in encouraging brands to change their strategy: “Don’t advertise, TikTok instead.”

The application highlights its inspiring and creative side to boost traditional advertising and evolve brands’ communication tools. A brand that stands out on TikTok can see its reputation spread throughout the world and even inspire ideas for internationalization.

To make this digital growth possible, here are 4 ways to use TikTok for your business:

1: Create your own content

As previously explained, the platform values authenticity and users will favor simple videos. These videos are usually made with a phone and edited directly using the app. To succeed in this environment, it is therefore necessary to adopt the same approach and not try to do too much. This simplicity will also allow a closer connection with users, which will strengthen their trust in your brand.

The content of TikTok videos is focused on two magical ingredients. As this platform mainly focuses on comedy and the simplicity of everyday events, videos that feature children and animals are particularly appreciated. If the company has a mascot, it may be interesting to highlight it to promote your brand on a young platform like this.

TikTok relies heavily on trends, so it is necessary to find the right trends to reproduce and appropriate them to differentiate oneself from others and have content that is satisfying enough to succeed.

2: Plan your content in advance

To be certain that the newly posted video is not a flop, it is important to plan the content you want to show in advance. If a video is poorly received or does not have a large enough number of views, the brand’s image may take a hit. This organization also includes the right hashtags accompanying the video. If it is widely reused, a hashtag will allow free advertising that requires little effort from the brand, as it would rely entirely on users who would share it autonomously.

3: Post sponsored ads to target the right users

These ads are very interesting for brands because, thanks to user data, the platform is able to detect if the offer may potentially interest them.

Another possible sponsorship is through hashtags. These are very prevalent on the app, and the company has even created a page called “Discover” to list and highlight all the new challenges that use hashtags. The company can participate in these challenges or, for a real advertising coup, can sponsor a challenge. This will allow them to obtain a personalized banner on the Discover page that will redirect users to the brand’s page, where the challenge will be explained. For a different type of advertisement, augmented reality can be used with customizable filters. The company can decide to create their own TikTok filter that can be used and identified by all.

4: Influencer marketing

Influencers on TikTok, like on any other network, can bring in a lot of revenue for a brand, provided they choose the right influencer. This person must be in line with the brand’s image and values, fit them perfectly, and represent the target audience. TikTok has the advantage of discovering new influencers who are quickly gaining popularity. Brands can therefore focus on a micro-influencer who is likely to evolve.

As one of the hottest trends of the moment, TikTok continues to grow and leads innovative brands in its wake. The question is: will you follow this trend?

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"TikTok Business: Unmoderated Content"