5 KPIs to monitor to analyze your community

Social networks like Instagram and LinkedIn have become essential tools for companies looking to develop their online presence and communicate with their community. To effectively manage a community on social networks, it is important to monitor and analyze different key performance indicators (KPIs). Here are five important KPIs to monitor to manage a community on social networks well.

| Number of followers

This KPI measures the number of people who follow your account on social networks. It is important to monitor this KPI because it indicates the growth of your community and the reach of your content. Depending on your objective and your social media strategy, the increasing or decreasing number of your subscribers can represent a serious problem. It is then good to question yourself and see what is effective or not working on social networks for your company.

| Engagement rate

The engagement rate is calculated based on the number of likes, comments, saves, and shares generated by your content. It is important to monitor this KPI because it indicates the quality of your content and the interest it arouses among your community. A low engagement rate is not necessarily a sign of a problem if you prioritize a large quantity of content to gain visibility and attract new subscribers. However, if you want to create a connection with your community, or publish qualitative content, the engagement rate must become one of your priorities in terms of your social media strategy.

| Click-through rate

It is important to monitor this KPI because it indicates your community’s interest in the content you share and its relevance to them. If you share content without an external link, this KPI is not essential for you. However, if your posts aim to make people click on an outbound link, tracking the click-through rate will help you better target your content. Perhaps the link is not highlighted enough? Maybe it bothers your subscribers to leave their current platform?

| Organic reach

This is the measure of the reach of your content on social networks without paid promotion. This KPI can indicate the quality of your content and its ability to be shared organically. Once again, the importance of monitoring this KPI depends on your objective and your strategy. If you do not necessarily want to gain new subscribers or have high visibility for the moment, you do not have to worry about it. However, having good organic reach never hurts. If you are on social networks, it is to share content and information to make your company, products, and/or services known. A few more subscribers without going through paid advertising is always appreciated!

| Retention rate

This KPI measures the percentage of people who remain subscribed to your account on social networks over a given period. It indicates your community’s satisfaction with your content and the quality of your engagement with them. You can gain new subscribers, but also lose them, which could explain why your number of followers is stagnant. Perhaps the content offered does not vary enough for those who have been following you for a while? Maybe your brand identity no longer matches theirs?

By following and analyzing these five KPIs, you can better understand the behaviors and interests of your community on social networks and adapt your content strategy accordingly. This will also allow you to implement actions to retain your community and maximize engagement with it. If you have questions about the proper management of your social networks, do not hesitate to interact with your subscribers and contact us to take stock and help you see more clearly.

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"5 KPIs to monitor to analyze your community"