Hybrid moderation or 100% artificial intelligence?

If you are looking for a moderation solution to protect your communication and exchange spaces, you have probably come across proposals for 100% artificial intelligence moderation or hybrid moderation. Let’s quickly look at the advantages of each method!

| Automatic moderation

We are hearing more and more about artificial intelligence and its usefulness in many fields. Moderation is no exception, and it is now possible to find companies that offer 100% automatic moderation solutions! Here are 3 good reasons to use artificial intelligence for your moderation:

  1. For responsiveness: whether it’s for publishing conforming content or rejecting a toxic element, AI receives, analyzes, decides, and returns its verdict in a matter of seconds.
  2. For brand safety: the ultra-responsive removal of toxic content has the effect of preserving the brand image by projecting a safe and healthy community space, thereby increasing its attractiveness.
  3. For scalability: a gradual increase in volume or a sudden spike in activity? AI can absorb these variations without the need to constantly adjust the sizing of the human moderation team.

| Hybrid moderation

Still hesitant about 100% automatic moderation? That’s understandable, so let’s talk about “more traditional” moderation by humans. Here are 3 good reasons to choose this solution:

  1. For complementarity: abuse reports with high legal criticality, new content typologies that are not yet identified by AI, verbatims requiring further online verification… All of these use cases may require the finesse of human judgment in order to issue the fairest verdict possible.
  2. For quality control: the human moderator verifies and, if necessary, modifies the verdicts issued by AI in order to guarantee optimal online content quality.
  3. For continuous improvement of AI: the moderator improves the predictive model by feeding it with their human decisions on ambiguous cases, thus making it more efficient.

At Netino by Webhelp, we have decided to offer you a solution that is 100% tailored to your needs, your communities, and your customers. Find out more about our Moderation offer and do not hesitate to contact us for any information requests!

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"Hybrid moderation or 100% artificial intelligence?"