Increasing your visibility on social media

| How do brands use social media to increase their visibility?

The concept of social media, which was still unknown a few years ago, has undergone significant evolution and is now considered an essential communication tool. They now allow brands to supplement their marketing strategies.

Businesses can therefore take advantage of social media to develop their visibility, increase their revenue and sales, adapt and share their corporate culture, and build loyalty among their employees.

According to Blog du Modérateur, the most used platforms in the first quarter of 2022 are:

  • Facebook with 2.91 billion active users per month,
  • YouTube with 2.56 billion,
  • Instagram with 1.48 billion
  • Tiktok and its 1 billion active users per month.

The primary goal of corporate marketing is to identify its target audience in order to meet their needs with the right product, in the right place and at the right time. Social media allows for the meeting between the offer and the potential consumer through its data and preferences.

To pursue its visibility objective, the company will need to follow the 3 pillars of a “social media” strategy:

| Number 1: Set a goal on social media

The presence of a company on social media is based on 2 fundamental objectives: sell more and/or improve customer relations. When the organization decides to launch itself on social media, it is necessary to choose the one that will be most suitable to showcase it and meet its challenges, while adapting to the targeted customers.

If your target audience is young and trend-sensitive, it is advisable to opt for networks like Instagram or TikTok. If you focus on B2B, you will need to turn to networks like LinkedIn or Twitter. If your strategy is mainly transactional, the best network will be Facebook, which is by far the network with the most users in the world.

| Number 2: Put the customer at the heart of the strategy

One of the advantages of these digital platforms is the ability to interact with users. This conversational dimension will allow you to increase your visibility with your customers by being as close to them as possible. For this strategy to work properly, it is necessary to communicate with network users, who will in turn speak positively about your company if they have been satisfied with your services.

| Number 3: Rely on quality and differentiating content

Communication through posted publications on the network is very important.

The content must be timely and reflect your brand image. This communication will be the most important element of your marketing strategy to increase visibility because it is the window that connects the company to consumers. Content will generally be judged on its relevance and creativity. Innovative content will allow the company to have a better chance of being noticed by customers.

Consumers must be able to identify with the service or product highlighted by a brand in its publications, and collaboration with an influencer is generally appreciated by users and highlights the importance of the company.

| An important point for your marketing strategy

These three pillars highlight a marketing strategy for a company that wants to develop its visibility by launching itself on social media. They provide the essential advice for succeeding in elevating your image in the hearts of users.

Your visibility should be a particularly important aspect with respect to consumers but also in the minds of the company’s collaborators and employees. That is why, in addition to conducting a communication campaign on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc., it can also be useful to have internal social networks within the company.

These networks are important and contribute to creating a good atmosphere within the company. The happier employees are to work there, the better the visibility of the company will be, even externally.

| Get started on social media

If you’re still not convinced of the usefulness of social media for growing your business, here are the reasons that will prove it to you:

  • Social media allows you to increase your visibility and reputation as a business.
  • They also help improve your organic search ranking by increasing your placement in search engine results.
  • A different approach to enhance your reputation and showcase your expertise.
  • Posting about your products can reach new audiences and thus attract new customers.
  • Create an engaged and responsive community.
  • Finally, the employer brand is amplified and the company can stand out from others.

Social media, a phenomenon linked to technological evolution, has allowed for a whole new approach to communication and marketing for brands. It is therefore important for a business to be present on social media to increase its reputation among users and potential consumers.

If you need more advice for your Social Media strategy or don’t know where to start, visit this page and don’t hesitate to contact us to discover our services and how we can tailor them to your goals!

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