Influencers and content creators: a real difference?

A content creator influences and an influencer creates content. But then, why do some insist on differentiating them? Ethics, clichés, preferred social network, relationship with their community. Is there really a difference between influencers and being a content creator?

| It’s the intention that counts

One of the main differences between influencers and content creators is based on the intention behind each post/video. A content creator is a passionate person who seeks to offer unique, sought-after, and quality content. They are not looking to chase after the number of followers but tend to build a relationship with their community and flourish in their activity. They are the type of profile that people follow more for their content than for themselves.

An influencer is just as active on social media but primarily wants to develop their notoriety and gain visibility. They build their identity on social media and base their content on their personal opinions. Their community trusts them as a person.

| Influencers or content creators for your brand?

It all depends on what you’re looking for. For example, a “travel” content creator will include your product or service in one of their vlogs to a new destination. An influencer will support their propaganda message with their personal experience and demonstration of the product or service. You would choose a content creator to target a niche of customers, as they are experts and passionate about a particular domain that brings their community together.

If we can help you better understand who influencers and content creators are, here are some examples:

  • Dr. Nozman – scientific content creator
  • Léna Situation – fashion and lifestyle influencer
  • Squeezie – entertainment content creator
  • Sissy Mua – sport and lifestyle influencer

The line between these two denominations is very thin. The difference mainly lies in the perception of these professions. According to a study by Reech, 67% of French influencers prefer to be called “content creators” to avoid giving off the image of a human billboard. If you would like assistance on the subject, contact us!

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"Influencers and content creators: a real difference?"