Social Media, the new essential for customer experience

In France, 76% of the population is active on social media, and on average, the 4.66 billion internet users worldwide spend 2 hours and 34 minutes behind their screens every day. Such figures leave no room for doubt: your company must be present on these platforms. That’s why we offer you a quick overview of the best practices to adopt in order to strengthen your brand image, gain more followers, and above all, enhance the sacred customer experience.

| Speed and Efficiency: The Winning Combination

In case of dissatisfaction, a customer’s first reflex remains the phone, for two reasons:

  1. Companies do not always provide direct access to their teams via social media.
  2. Nothing reassures customers more than human contact and an immediate personalized response.

However, especially among younger generations, social media platforms are becoming a common means of communication. For older individuals, turning to social media can also be a last resort after exhausting all traditional channels. And, similar to email or phone, customers are becoming increasingly demanding. This was revealed in a customer expectations study conducted by Conversocial in 2020.

The study found that 100% of customers expect their issue to be resolved in a single interaction, and nearly 40% of respondents expect a response within half an hour when reaching out to a brand. This is likely the most crucial factor to consider, yet according to a study by Hootsuite, only 58% of companies effectively integrate social media into their relationship strategy.

Nothing is worse for a dissatisfied customer contacting a company publicly than encountering silence, and nothing is worse for a brand’s image than responding to a public post with deafening silence. Being present on social media also entails having a genuine relationship strategy and training all your advisors, as responding to a post is not the same as answering an email: it requires a more direct approach, humor, and emojis.

If you find yourself leaving your customers without a response, whether due to your data management system or your employees not being familiar with this new channel, contact our teams to establish a strategy that suits you 100%!

| From Emotion to Engagement

However, exchanges on social media are far from limited to handling dissatisfaction. It is also a fantastic tool for understanding and engaging with customers. Polls, live sessions, or open-ended questions allow customers to participate in your marketing strategy and rally around your brand while improving your services.

In this regard, one growing use case is the creation of customer communities that handle level 1 customer support among members, thereby strengthening brand loyalty and significantly reducing your support workload, as Fnac Darty has done.

Accessible private discussion channels are also an excellent way to stand out and inspire consumer confidence, as stated by 69% of respondents in this Facebook study.

As in any good relationship, it’s essential to listen and not just talk about oneself. Overly aggressive advertising often tends to annoy and get lost in an ever-increasing stream of solicitations. On the other hand, responding to posts related to your brand, directly or indirectly, with a good dose of humor, appears to be the best way to improve your image.

Responding and highlighting positive comments will show your most loyal customers that they matter and allow you to promote the quality of your services. According to ReviewPush, 68% of consumers say that the presence of positive reviews on social media will increase their confidence in a company.

In this regard, Burger King’s community managers, leveraging partnerships and current events, are undoubtedly exemplary.

In conclusion, a successful relationship strategy on social media should be characterized by immediacy, personalization, and emotion… And that’s exactly what we promise at Netino!

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"Social Media, the new essential for customer experience"