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Gathering more than 10 million euros in 3 days for a charity association? Nothing is impossible for our favorite streamers, as they accomplished this feat during the ZEvent for Action against Hunger last weekend (Congratulations to them!!). These streamers are real stars on the web, and they can once again count on their highly engaged communities. More than just entertainers, they have become prime targets for brands and companies aware of the visibility and influence they possess. And they are doing it again for the 2021 edition, in support of Action against Hunger.

Today, Twitch embodies the reference social platform in terms of video streaming and has established itself as the leader in the market, welcoming up to 15 million monthly visitors. To manage such a large volume of traffic, content creators can rely on a technical team composed of moderators or community managers, for example.

| The role of moderators is changing

The world of Esports has evolved significantly in recent years, thanks in particular to a major player in the field: Riot Games. Competitions are real gatherings of fans who come to support their teams both in person and on the various chat platforms of streaming sites. In order to guarantee and enforce the rules, content creators can rely on faithful moderators who are capable of managing a crowd in a frenzy, as was the case during the European championship final on League of Legends, won by the Karmine Corp team (Go KC!!), which was followed by more than 300,000 live viewers.

They assist the streamer who cannot read every message with their mouse in hand. Their mission is to respond, exchange, animate, delete, and even ban disruptors if necessary. Moderators can serve as a relay to bring up a relevant message that would have been lost in the mass of interactions on the chat. They are truly assistants to content creators.

| Community Manager, guardian of your reputation

According to the global Esports and streaming market report published by NewZoo, global Esports revenues will reach $1.084 billion in 2021. The most followed professional players are perceived as stars or even as true brands, and just like them, they surround themselves with community managers to develop their visibility. The days when some were satisfied with relaying the results of an Esports match are long gone; today, they must be versatile and agile.

The Community Manager programs the creation and publication of content, manages partnerships and collaborations, analyzes and monitors competitors, animates and engages the community, etc. In short, he or she is the guarantor of your reputation and visibility on the Internet. It is important to choose the right one to avoid unpleasant surprises and to avoid attracting the wrath of players.

The personalities of some community managers have caused such a stir that some are now inspired by them to respond to attacks from internet users. These include the community managers of SFR and FREE, as well as those of SNCF, and BURGER KING, who have responded to their tormentors with unparalleled agility and humor, which has only strengthened the brand image of these companies. Communities are sensitive to this kind of initiative from community managers.

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"Esports, Community Management"