Graphic Charter: Step by Step

A graphic charter is a document that compiles the rules and codes applicable to all communication media of a company. It includes all the essential components for graphic creations, such as the logo, fonts, colors, among others.

The graphic charter serves as a guideline for a company’s brand image and any type of communication, regardless of whether the company is present online or not.

Step 1: Define a coherent identity

Before creating a graphic charter, you must define the image you want to convey publicly by answering three main questions:

What is the brand’s reason for being?

Who is your target audience?

What are the company’s values?

To help answer these questions, analyze your market and competitors, without copying them. For example, hair salons and start-ups have clearly distinct identities.

Step 2: Essential content of a graphic charter

We will not go into the details of each essential content that should appear in your graphic charter, or else you would still be reading this tomorrow. But let’s take a quick overview!

Your story: Briefly present your brand to clearly state how you want to be seen through your various communication media.

The logo: List the rules for using your logo to avoid any graphic disasters in terms of messaging.

Colors: Your colors are an important part of your brand identity! Each color has its own meaning. Most companies choose at least four, usually matching the logo.

Fonts and typography: Like colors, fonts must be carefully chosen. And as for the logo, list the rules for use so that the font chosen for headings is not used for body text.

Illustrations and photos: Create a collage of photos that inspire you and correspond to your company’s identity, and show how to layout them.

Adaptation of the charter to different media: Add a set of examples of communication media to check the consistency of your choices and take advantage of it to create templates!

Step 3: Don’t stop there!

Now that your graphic charter is created, implement it without delay and share it with your collaborators so that the whole company represents the brand as a single defined identity. But that’s not all!

A graphic charter is not set in stone. Adapt to market, community, and company evolution, and make the necessary changes. That’s it for today! We have tried to write a clear and concise article without making you read a white paper. If even with all our tips you don’t feel ready to create your graphic charter, our Content Management experts will be happy to help you! Contact us right here.

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"Graphic Charter: Step by Step"